Member Data Security

The Chelsea Employees Federal Credit Union advocates strong security measures to protect our members against identity theft and fraudulent activity.

Enhanced Authentication:Our web page utilizes enhanced authentication to protect your online account information from fraud and internet crimes such as Phishing. The additional layers of protection include security questions and a security phrase so you can be certain that you our accessing our valid site. These safeguards work together to provide an additional line of defense against unauthorized access to your account.

EnFact For Debit MasterCard:For our ATM/Debit MasterCard users, the credit union has implemented a 24/7 electronic neural fraud analysis and card tracking (EnFact) program to protect your funds. This program enhances our ability to spot fraudulent usage and to stop that activity without delay. If you discover that your Debit MasterCard has been temporarily blocked due to suspicious activity, you can call the EnFact Call Center at 1-800-262-2024.

MasterCard SecureCode: Chelsea Employees FCU also encourages our Debit MasterCard users to sign up with the MasterCard SecureCode protection for online purchases. This no-cost security feature is available by clicking on the MasterCard SecureCode link on our home page.

Preventing Identity Theft tips: