“Our mission is to offer to our members a pleasant experience while providing them access to the financial services that meet their changing needs.”

In the spirit of that Mission Statement, the Chelsea Employees Federal Credit Union is proud to offer our members access to Home Financial Services through this web site.  Your credit union is dedicated to the changing needs of its membership.  It is our pleasure to provide services and programs that will help each of our members reach their financial goals. We invite you to use this website to enhance your credit union experience.  Thank you to all of our members for your continued support.

CHELSEA EMPLOYEES FEDERAL CREDIT UNION is a cooperative financial institution - a union of people pooling their money to help one another.  The people who belong to a credit union also own it, control it, and are the sole recipients of its services.  Since 1935, the credit union has served the financial needs of its members, the employees of the City of Chelsea and the Chelsea Housing Authority. 

How do we differ from banks?  The key difference is that you, the member, own the credit union.  Our Board of Directors all joined the credit union as employees of the City of Chelsea and now volunteer their time to ensure that the credit union continues to meet the needs of its members.


Employees of the City of Chelsea, the Chelsea Housing Authority and their direct family members are eligible to join.  Existing members may continue as members of this credit union after they cease to be within the field of membership, so long as they maintain a valid share account with the credit union.

To become a member of the credit union, you must sign an Application for Membership.  Upon receipt of $25.00, the par value of one share of the credit union, an account will be opened and you will be issued an account number.